Bonded Rubber Mulch in Aldersbrook

Bonded Rubber Mulch in Aldersbrook

We install rubber mulch surfacing for children's play areas and public spaces, this is a flexible flooring specification which can come in a range of designs.

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Bonded Rubber Mulch in Aldersbrook

We all want the best for our little ones, from their education to their nutrition, and of course, their safety. That's why our team of seasoned installers have developed a surface that is affordable and safe for our children.

Our skilled experts have customised pricing guidelines that satisfy our customers' needs at the lowest possible cost. However, we don't lessen the quality just because we aim to make it affordable - we aim to balance good quality with the best possible value for money.

The team of expert installers of bonded rubber mulch in Aldersbrook E11 2 bonded mulch is a soft surface area that is commonly used in playgrounds and recreational areas that children commonly use. The shred is suitable for everyday use as it is strong a durable whilst at the same time being softer than tarmac, which makes it more suitable for play areas.


If you'd like to find out about the costs of installing bonded rubber mulch, please fill in our contact form. We'll talk to you about your project and come up with a quote for you.

What is Bonded Rubber Mulch?

Bonded Rubber Mulch is a protective flooring which is produced by shredding recycled tyres. This gives an overall look of wood chips. This shred is then combined with a special glue and applied to the selected floor in the required design and style.

This creates a softer surface that can be used for schools, nurseries, and recreational areas to help soften the pain if a child is to fall. The Mulch can come in different depths, determining how hard or soft the landing area is for children. If you'd like to find out about the costs of installing bonded rubber mulch, please fill in our contact form.

Mulch Flooring Specification

Much like wet pour, the mulch flooring specification is set up in a variety of depths. The CFH of your playground apparatus determines what thickness of flooring should be used The testing is performed to British Safety Standards. Different features like recreational equipment and slides will often have rubber bark flooring laid around them. The flooring provides a purely natural appearance to complement a current rural area and delivers the necessary protective properties. 

Kids' Play Area Installers Near Me

Our kids' play area installers install the bonded play bark onto surfacing such as grass and tarmac as it’s really adaptable. It's perfect for playgrounds in Aldersbrook E11 2 which get flooded and waterlogged through wet conditions. 

The flexibleness of this system indicates it could be effortlessly placed on spots with apparatus currently laid. Because there is no need to install groundworks, the costs with this surface come at a very good value. You are able to obtain a fantastic value price from us since we offer you affordable prices for the work.

The premium bonded mulch play flooring surface might be chosen in a wealth of colours. The preferred colours are green and brown, mainly because these are often created for rustic locations. A mixture of coloured rubber mulch could be installed to provide a flecked appearance. Each customer can select a bespoke design that suits your budget and what you need.

Outdoor Play Equipment in Aldersbrook

For facilities with existing outdoor play equipment, we can mould the rubber flooring to fit with these. Find out more about our landscaping services These could be things like climbing frames, slides, trim circuits, benches and tables. Due to the holes between the rubberised mulch chippings, the floor is permeable.

Therefore water may go through the floor instead of flooding on top of the floor. This means it does not have to have a lot of routine maintenance and can be used throughout the year. If you are seeking an alternative option to wooden chippings, this is a fantastic option as it's suitable for all weather.

You won’t have any pieces of material being misplaced from the area because it's all stuck down solidly. 

Play area rubber shred provides an extremely resilient safety surface that works well in busy recreational areas. Even with playgrounds in Aldersbrook E11 2 which are used heavily, the bonded mulch flooring is resistant against destruction and wear. Rubber mulch helps improve playground safety for kids of every age group

The mulch is often put down to relieve shock from falls when using play equipment and features. This also produces an attractive and decorative option for community parks and pathways.

Public Pathway Surfaces Near Me

For customers trying to develop a flexible public pathway surface, the bonded bark specification is excellent. Many outdoor spaces such as golf courses also get this particular flooring put down so people can easily walk across the facility.

Frequent brushing should be sufficient to help keep the floor specification free of grime and litter. You can then stop contaminations from getting into the flooring because this might block the pores and lead to floods. We recommend keeping your surfacing as fresh as you can to be sure it is safe all the time.

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We can easily do the construction of safety surface types, including wetpour, rubber mulch, and turf mats for playgrounds. The types of surface we build in Aldersbrook are analysed to fulfil Critical Fall Height reviews for the play-area products in the area to guarantee the most safeguards for youngsters.

This recreation space flooring requirements will be developed to be permeable so that they can be utilised in any weather conditions because fluids drain throughout all of them without difficulty. Rubberized mulch is a more natural-looking surface; it happens to be produced from re-cycled rubberised shred helping to make this surface eco-friendly.

Safe Flooring Designs

Rubberised lawn mats are generally installed onto current local outside areas closest to you to ensure all-natural turf will progress through and cover the design of your rubberised floor tiles. Leisure play areas may help improve your child's education; figures and activities EPDM rubber inserts can be placed to make learning enjoyable for children. A variety of totally different safe flooring designs and shapes can be applied to your playground surface areas. A number of well-liked selections could be letter activities, number designs, classic games and coloured animals.

Playground Surfacing Specialists Nearby

Our very own nearby playground surfacing specialists additionally complete maintenance servicing. They can also add in the service of examining the space in order to maintain your playground surfacing in the most beneficial state and be sure that it is safe for use.

We continually encourage utilising a regular repair and maintenance schedule for any playgrounds safety surfacing to help reduce the requirement for any repairs. The expenses to cleanse plus service any recreational area surface will change according to the quality of the floor surfaces as well as any deterioration it's sustained. Rubber mulch may be washed with a gentle jet cleanse and sweeping, and you can also need to top up the rubber in time.

Local Mulch Surface Maintenance

It is very important to complete renovations as quickly as possible since the recreational area surface, or its surrounding area can become damaged. That'll help to minimise expenses of the problem becoming much worse. Marks and even stains due to specific things like gum could be taken off without difficulty once they are noticed quickly.

Small children may possibly pick up rubber mulch that has become loosened, which sometimes leads to many more problems for the flooring; in such cases, you must get mulch surface maintenance.

What are the key differences between wet pour and bonded rubber mulch surfaces?

The main difference between Wet Pour and Bonded Rubber Mulch playground surfaces is that the latter can be mounted directly on existing surfaces, making it a more cost-effective playground surface.

Is rubber mulch good for drainage?

Rubber mulch has another big advantage when it comes to compacting and displacement: it hardly ever compacts. It's also denser than wood mulch, so it's less likely to blow or wash away in inclement weather. Rubber mulch does not necessarily maintain moisture in terms of drainage; however, proper drainage under the play area must be ensured.

What makes bonded rubber mulch a good choice?

What makes Bonded Rubber Mulch such an excellent option? Rubber bark and a binder are combined in Bonded Rubber Mulch (resin). This creates a single, smooth protection surface and allows you to customise the height and appearance of the mulch.

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