Q26 Rubber Mulch Surfacing Specification

Q26 Rubber Mulch Surfacing Specification

It is possible for us to install the Q26 Rubber Mulch Surfacing Specification for your playground, walkway or woodlands area.

NBS Q26 360A Rhino Mulch In-situ Synthetic Surfacing

NBS Q26 360A Rhino Mulch In-situ Synthetic Surfacing

If you would like to have NBS Q26 360A rhino mulch in-situ synthetic surfacing installed, we are able to offer advice and information prior to the installation.

Recycled Rubber Mulch Spec for Play Areas

Recycled Rubber Mulch Spec for Play Areas

If you are looking for a recycled rubber mulch spec for play areas, we can provide you with a number of options and we can also carry out the installation to a high quality.

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Q26 Rubber Mulch Surfacing Specification

If you are looking for the Q26 rubber mulch surfacing specification we are able to fit the surfacing to meet your needs. Quite a few play surfaces are made with bound rubber chippings, this is a product crafted by using reused truck tyres.

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The old tyres are crumbled to make rubber pieces, similar to the overall look of wood bark chippings. They are then mixed with a specialist binder and applied into the elected floor in the requested design and style. The rubberized flooring is a preferred Q26 specification for children's playgrounds, together with various other exterior areas. 

What is a Q26 Specification?

A Q26 specification is a NBS spec for a certain type of surfacing that can be installed. Q26 360A rhino mulch in-situ synthetic surfacing is one of the specifications which we have available. NBS stands for National Building Specifications; this is what we go off when designing the rubber play surface. For example the surfacing will need to conform with a number of safety requirements - for rubberised shred we can alter the depth of the surface to meet particular Critical Fall Heights.

Just like wet pour, the bound rubberized mulch can be set up in a variety of thicknesses. The required level depends on the CFH standards for any apparatus around the recreation space. This can be done through British safety requirements to create top safety for children. Features like climbing frames and activity tracks typically have rhino mulch flooring applied around them. The surface supplies a natural appearance to suit a pre-existing woodland area, but will also increases the crucial protective qualities.

If you would like more information on our Q26 rubber mulch surfacing specification or to know about LEAP https://www.bonded-rubber-mulch.co.uk/application/leap/ please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with more details. 

Bonded Mulch NBS Specs

With regard to spaces with local established outdoor furniture and surrounding areas, we could install the rubberized surface to fit with these. These might be items like roundabouts, slides, activity trails, seats and creative tables. Our bonded mulch NBS specs feature permeable components which happen to be yet another superb attribute. It allows rain water to pass through into the sub strata, stopping puddles and waterlogging on the surface. This permits the area to have minimal upkeep throughout the year, and it could be used frequently. It's a wonderful all weather alternative to wooden bark since it does not lose its appearance since it is stuck together using binder. The rubber is completely attached by the glue therefore you won’t lose any of the particles.

National Building Specification for Playgrounds

A play area should meet the national building specification for playgrounds to be safe. Q26 play area rubberized bark Q26 specification offers an extremely tough impact absorbing specification that stands up well in frequently used playgrounds. For play surfaces which take a great deal of continuous use, the bonded mulch gives a durable and resilient solution. The gentle bouncy components create improved comfort and safety when playing across the nearby surfacing closest to you. The Q26 NBS specification is typically fitted to lessen shock from falling over when children use playground equipment and structures. Furthermore, it creates a good looking and decorative design for open public recreational areas and walkways.

Installation of Recycled Rubber Mulch Near Me

Rubber bonded shred soft flooring has a huge advantage and that is it is able to be installed straight onto grass and without having edging. The installation of Q26 recycled rubber-mulch is quick and easy and does not require any preparation works, making i a lot more cost effective compared to a number of other flooring options. It's excellent for playgrounds which get flooded and waterlogged throughout rainy weather. Since the rubberised shred is versatile, it’s not difficult to mould into designs and contour around playground equipment. We won’t have to place down any groundworks so we are able to offer great rates to suit each client. We’ll be prepared to provide you with a reasonably priced estimate to undertake this kind of project.

Our company offers numerous colour options for playground bonded bark. A number of our customers choose to have green and brown since these colour options look good with rural looking woodland features, this can be used for NEAP projects as well https://www.bonded-rubber-mulch.co.uk/application/neap/ A mixture of pigmented bonded mulch could be applied to provide a mixed appearance. We can easily produce a unique design and style which is correctly customized towards your affordability.

Maintaining Rubberised Shred Surfaces Near Me

Bonded bark is perfect for durable and flexible walkways which get a great deal of use. Many facilities such as golf courses have this flooring put down so that users are able to stroll across the facility comfortably. The surfacing requires minimal maintenance and so routine cleaning will keep it totally free of litter. The upkeep may then stop debris from being trapped in the pores within the surfacing. We propose making the floor Q26 specification as clean as you can to be sure it is safe at all times. Maintaining rubberised shred surfaces is simple, however we would recommend checking the surfacing regularly for any damages which could become hazardous for the users. Since the Q26 NBS specification focuses on safety, as well as durability and appearance, it is important that you notice any problems quickly so you can get them fixed before they develop into hazards.

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