CFH for Rubber Mulch

CFH for Rubber Mulch

The CFH for rubber mulch can vary depending on a number of different factors and it is important to have the correct depth installed to keep children safe.

Critical Fall Height

Critical Fall Height

It is important to take the Critical Fall Height into account for play equipment, so that children will not be injured in the event they fall off the apparatus.

Bonded Mulch Safety Surfaces

Bonded Mulch Safety Surfaces

We can install bonded mulch safety surfaces at your school or park as a way to make sure young children aren't injured when playing on equipment.

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CFH for Rubber Mulch

CFH for rubber mulch is really important as a number of people have bonded mulch installed in playgrounds They might have it installed to improve their existing areas and create a safe play area for children to play in. Critical Fall Height can vary depending on a number of factors.


The biggest factor which affects the CFH for rubber-mulch is the height of any play equipment which the surfacing will be installed beneath.  Another factor which alters the CFH is the existing surfacing. If you are laying rubber play bark over concrete the CFH will be different to if you are laying over stone. 

Specialist Safety Surface Near Me

We can lay a specialist safety surface which could be rubberized mulch floors which is a Q26 specification It could be installed in a lot of different thicknesses, according to what is needed. The CFH from the playground equipment will determine what level of flooring should be used. The checks are performed to British Safety Standards. Play area rubber bark is fairly common underneath fitness trails and climbing frames in the UK. It offers a natural design which fits in with woodland styled areas, and additionally making the facility safe.

If you do not know how to work out your Critical Fall Height needed to keep children in your play area safe, please let us know the height of the play equipment on the area and the existing surfacing and we will work out the CFH to see what thickness the rubberised mulch needs to be. If you'd like to find out more information on CFH for rubber-mulch please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mulch Surfacing Installation

Mulch surfacing installation nearby is constructed out of recycled truck tyres. This flooring can be made to appear similar to wooden shred since the truck tyres are shredded into little pieces. During the mulch surfacing installation, our team will blend the rubberised pieces with binder and place them out into the specified ground. Kids' recreational areas and other outside areas may have this floor installed for several purposes.

This particular rubberized floor could be laid on a good number of existing surface types, which include macadam and grassy surfaces. You could possibly make the decision to install it on grassy surfaces to conceal flooded sections. The flexibility with this system usually means it could be simply used on places which have features already set up. While there is no need to put in groundworks, the costs with this design come at excellent value. You're able to find a fantastic value quotation from our company since we supply affordable quotes for the surface.

Depth of Bonded Rubber Mulch

The depth of bonded rubber mulch will vary depending on different requirements. We are able to work out your surfaces CFH required once we have the height of play equipment and the existing surfacing in surrounding areas which may act as a sub base for the shredded mulch. If the play equipment for the area is very high, the depth of the rubber play bark will need to be thicker due to the CFH for rubber mulch. 

We provide a lot of colour options for local playground rubberised bark. By far the most regularly preferred designs are brown and green simply because these are definitely more in-keeping with wooded locations. A combination of coloured rubber shred may be installed to provide a mixed appearance. We can easily create a unique design which can be properly tailored for your budget range. For additional information on costs and prices of bonded rubber shred, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pros and Cons of Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

When looking to have a new surface installed, it is important to look at the pros and cons of rubber shred for playgrounds. The flooring is adaptable enough so it can be moulded close to play area structures and features that you might have. You could have features like climbing structures, roundabouts, furniture and monkey bars, and we are able to accommodate all these. The play bark features permeable properties which is one more useful characteristic. Because of the porosity, rainwater can pass through the flooring and this prevents it building up and resulting in floods. This simply means it does not call for a great deal of maintenance and it can be used throughout the year It's really a terrific all weather substitute for loose wooden bark as it doesn’t lose its appearance since it is bound together using binder. The material is perfectly secured by the glue which means you will not lose any of the shredded pieces.

This safety surfacing is made to be durable and robust, even with heavy use facilities. For the closest areas which are often used by young kids, this supplies a tough and sturdy surfacing solution. The gentle spongy qualities generate greater comfort and safety when walking on the flooring. The rubberized play bark is generally put in to reduce injuries from falling over when children use playground equipment and structures. In addition, it generates a good looking and decorative specification for community recreational areas and walkways. One disadvantage of rubberises shred would be that the safety surfacing is generally more expensive than wooden chippings, however natural wood chips do not provide the safety features that rhino mulch supplies.

Critical Fall Height Near Me

It is vital that you make sure that the thickness of the bonded mulch is correct for your play equipment. If the Critical Fall Height is calculated wrong, the surfacing will not meet safety standards and children could be seriously harmed if they fall off the equipment. As long as you send over the correct information - height of equipment and current surface type - we are able to work out the CFH if you are unsure.

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Open public parks and leisure areas will often get the bonded rubber bark material fitted to establish a comfortable walkway through woods and grass spaces. These can also be employed with golf course paths and also other external spaces to shield people’s bones when walking around. Frequent brushing should really be adequate to help keep the floor specification clear of grime and rubbish. This should prevent dirt from sticking inside the gaps and ultimately causing contaminants and puddles. It is imperative that you keep the surface as clear as it can be to ensure that it’s safe for anyone who is making use of it.

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