Rubber Mulch Manufacturers

Rubber Mulch Manufacturers

As professional rubber mulch manufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves to give the best quality services possible.

Recycled Rubber Mulch Installation

Recycled Rubber Mulch Installation

We can carry out recycled rubber mulch installation throughout parks, schools and woodlands areas in the United Kingdom.

UK Rubberised Shred Suppliers

UK Rubberised Shred Suppliers

As UK rubberised shred suppliers, we can install safety surfaces to meet your individual needs and requirements. We are able to alter specifications in order to meet financial budgets.

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Rubber Mulch Manufacturers

We are professional rubber mulch manufacturers and we can install this surfacing in a number of areas including playgrounds, woodlands and pathways. Rhino mulch is a sustainable and eco-friendly surface type. Many children's play facilities are applied with bonded rubber bark, it is a material manufactured by using recycled truck tyres. The surfacing specification is designed to appear similar to wooden shred because the rubber tyres are shredded into little fragments. Our team will then combine all these chips with adhesive and install them out on top of the specific ground. The shredded flooring is a popular option for kids’ play areas, and also various other exterior facilities.


Our rubber mulch manufacturers can alter designs and specifications for your facility to suit your specific requirements, find out about the Q26 specification If you would like to discuss the different specs available, please make sure to fill in the contact box.

Bonded Mulch Installers Near Me

Rubber bonded shred safer surfacing provides a big advantage which is that it can be installed immediately on your lawn and with no edges. Our bonded mulch installers can lay the surface in playgrounds, woodlands and a number of other areas. It is perfect for parks that get dirty and waterlogged throughout rainy conditions. Given that the rubberised shred material is versatile, it’s not difficult to mould into designs and install around playground equipment. Since there is no reason to set up groundworks, the costs for this specification come at a great value. We’ll be able to supply you with a cost-effective quote to complete such a project.

Installing Mulch for Playgrounds

Installing mulch for playgrounds is a service which we specialise in. We can install rubberized mulch flooring in numerous depths, according to what is necessary. The selected thickness is determined by the Critical Fall Height standards of the apparatus in the play area This is done with British testing standards to provide the highest level of protection for kids. Playground rubber bark is very popular around obstacle courses and climbing features in the United Kingdom. The surface offers a natural look to complement a pre-existing rustic area, and also delivers the essential safety characteristics. Our bonded mulch manufacturers offer many coloured options for playground rubberised shred. Probably the most commonly preferred designs are brown and green as these are usually more suited with forest areas. The manufacturers and installers can blend the green and red play bark to make a far more interesting appearance for you. The installation is completely customizable to suit your price range and the look and feel you want Find out more about it today by contacting us through our application form!

Maintaining Shredded Rubber Mulch Near Me

Maintaining shredded rubber mulch is quite a simple task as it does not require much but you need to keep an eye on it to make sure it's safe. Playground rubberized bark gives an incredibly durable safety specification that stands up well in frequently used recreational areas. Even with play areas which are used heavily, the bonded shred flooring is protected from destruction and weathering. Rubber play bark helps enhance playground safety for kids of every age group. It offers shock absorption to cushion children’s muscles so that they don't get hurt should they fall down. However it's also a fantastic attractive landscaping surface option to wooded areas or low maintenance paths.

Specialist Play Area Installers Nearby

Rubber play bark is wonderful for durable and flexible pathways which take a lot of regular use. Some establishments such as golf greens have this particular flooring installed so users can stroll throughout the area comfortably. If you are worried about maintaining shredded rubber-mulch, there is very little maintenance work to be done. Regular cleaning should really be adequate to help keep the flooring clear of grime and litter. The maintenance will then prevent litter from becoming stuck in the tiny holes on the surface. Our manufacturers and specialist play area installers recommend keeping your floor specification as fresh as you can to be sure it’s still safe at all times.

Rubberised Mulch Suppliers

Our specialist rubberised mulch suppliers and manufacturers can offer bonded shred in a number of different colours to suit your individual requirements. We are able to discuss the different colours and design specifications available if necessary. The rubber shred surfacing our manufacturers supply is durable and long lasting, meaning it will not need to be replaced for a long time, if ever. The surfacing is great for a number of different uses including pathways, landscaping, play areas and more.

With regard to local play areas closest to you with established furniture and structures, we can easily mould the rubberized flooring to match with these. These might be stuff like climbing frames, slides, fitness trails, benches and creative tables. Due to holes within the rubberized fragments, the surfacing is permeable. Due to this porosity, water can move through the flooring and this prevents it accumulating and creating puddles. This enables the area as well as te surrounding areas, to have minimal maintenance all through the year, and it could be used regularly. The bonded bark gives an alternative choice to wood pieces because it is soft and well suited for all weather. You don't have any pieces of shred getting lost away from the surface because it is all glued down solidly.

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