Recycled Rubber Mulch in Aldington Frith

Recycled Rubber Mulch in Aldington Frith

We can install recycled rubber mulch in playgrounds and parks across the UK to create a fun environment for children to enjoy.

Rhino Mulch for Pathways in Aldington Frith

Rhino Mulch for Pathways in Aldington Frith

It is possible to install rhino mulch for pathways. This type of surfacing offers a soft layer beneath the foot making it more comfortable to walk on.

Recycled Rubber Play Bark in Aldington Frith

Recycled Rubber Play Bark in Aldington Frith

Recycled rubber play bark is available to lay in parks and schools around the United Kingdom.

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Recycled Rubber Mulch in Aldington Frith

We are expert installers of recycled rubber mulch in Aldington Frith TN25 7 and we have worked with a number of parks, schools and nurseries across the UK. We can lay rubber mulch onto existing woodland areas, parks and playgrounds to create a natural looking area which is safe for children to play on. Many play area facilities are applied with glued rubberised chippings, this is a material crafted using recycled truck tyres. The old tyres are crumbled to develop rubber pieces, much like the overall look of wood bark chips. Our team will then blend all these pieces with binder and install them out on the specified ground. The shredded flooring is a preferred specification for kids’ playgrounds, along with various other outdoor areas.

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If you would like to discuss the installation of recycled rubber mulch in Aldington Frith TN25 7 with one of our professionals or find out more about LEAP please make sure you fill in our contact form and we will get back to your right away. 

Playground Rubber Safety Surfacing in Aldington Frith

Just like wetpour, this glued rubberised shred is often applied in a number of thicknesses. The chosen thickness would depend on the Critical Fall Height conditions from any equipment around the recreation space. The playground rubber safety surfacing has been tested in order to match the British Safety Standards for playground areas. Recreational rubber bark is extremely popular beneath activity trails and climbing structures in the United Kingdom. The playground rubber safety surfacing offers a purely natural visual appearance to complement a current rustic place, but additionally offers the essential safety characteristics.

Advantages of Rubber Shred for Playgrounds

There is a variety of advantages of rubber shred for playgrounds safer flooring. It carries a huge advantage and that is it's able to be laid directly on grass and without having edges. It is suitable for areas which get flooded and water logged in the course of rainy conditions. As the rubberised shred material is adaptable, it's straightforward to fit to shapes and install around play area features. With no groundworks required the costs and prices with this surface are cost effective and economical. We can provide you with a reasonably priced estimate to perform such a job.

Rubberised Play Bark Designs Near Me

You can alter recycled rubberised play bark designs by choosing from a number of colour choices when applying the play-bark floors. Lots of nearby customers choose to have brown and green since these colours suit with rural looking woodland characteristics. For those who prefer a much more diverse appearance, the colour choices may be mixed to provide a much more varied look. The design is totally customisable to match your price range and also the visual appearance you need. We are also able to alter our specifications to meet up with individual requirements and spending budgets. If you have a low budget available, we will try to help you come up with a more cost effective option when installing the recycled rubber play bark. Find out more by enquiring today!

Specialist Mulch Play Area Installers Nearby

For local facilities closest to you with established outdoor furniture and surrounding areas, our specialist mulch play area installers can install the rubberised surfacing to match with these These might be things like swings, monkey bars, fitness trails, benches and tables. The bonded bark offers permeable characteristics which is yet another great attribute. Due to this porosity, water will be able to move through the surfacing and this helps prevent it accumulating and triggering floods. This allows the surfacing to have minimal upkeep all year long, and it could be used regularly. It is a great all weather substitute for wooden bark as it does not lose its placement as it is bound together by binder. You won’t get any mulch getting lost from the playground since it's all glued down solidly.

Rhino Mulch Uses

You will find a number of recycled rhino mulch uses which you may install the surface for. One of the most popular purposes for rubberised shred is for playgrounds, since the impact absorbing qualities means that children can stay safe whilst using high play equipment. This recycled play mulch is specifically created with resilient durability and strength. For locations that happen to be frequently used by children, this provides you with a durable and heavy duty flooring specification. Rubber play bark helps to boost play area safety for children of all ages. It gives impact absorption to protect kids' bones to make sure they won’t get injured if they fall down. Also, it's fantastic as a good looking path specification for community places such as parks.


Recycled rubber play bark is fantastic for flexible and durable walkways near me which take plenty of pedestrian traffic. A lot of outdoor spaces such as gold courses have this floor specification laid so that people can move around the space easily. Frequent brushing should really be adequate to keep the flooring free of grime and litter, The cleaning can then prevent rubbish from becoming stuck in the tiny holes within the floor. It's essential to keep the surface as clear as you possibly can to make certain it's still safe for those who are making use of it.

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